Arduino and Linear Actuators

I am an art student that is working on a project that has to move. The piece is a bronze head that weight about 15 pounds. from this piece 3 portions of the head need to move away from the center straight out. each of the pieces that move will weight about 1 pound to 2 pounds. Concept is to have the 3 pieces move a way from the head at the same, while a led or light bulb in side the head grows brighter till the actuators are fully extended about 2 inches. Then reverse the process in about a total time of 3 mins. I hope to make it work with a sensor when some one walks in front of it.

this is what I was thinking to use.

Arduino Uno USB Microcontroller Rev 3 (To program the process) DFRobot Arduino Compatible Variable Power Shield (To power the Linear Actuators Controler and the Linear actuators hopfully all three) 3 Firgelli Technologies Linear Actuator Control Board (To control the actuators) 3 L12-p 6V 50mm 100:1 Firgelli Linear Actuators (To move the pieces)

my question are will this set up work? can the actuators stabilize the weight? what type of sensor should I to trigger the movement? how do I get the LED or light to brighten and dim with the the movement?

Any help will be great as i have no clue what i am doing just been reading a lot of forms.


The project is not due till May but I have to get the head cast in bronze by late April. I would like to have the whole thing working on the wax before I get it cast so I have a better chance of it work on the bronze piece.

I figured out the motion sensor part of the project but i am still trying to figure out how to make an led light up as the actuators extend and dim and the come it.

For support for things that go in/out, you might look at the drawer roller slides like below, which probably could be pushed/pulled by an inexpensive servo.|0&NCNI-5