Arduino and many different shields

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I need to resolve some task.
How can I make arduino with GPS + SD card + motor control + gyroscope + compass + 2-4 temperature sensors ?

It's very important for my project

thank you!

First off, get rid of the crutch that is a shield.

Secondly, most of the items in your list can be found in a package or board that takes serial data in some form (TTL, I2C, or SPI).

Now, whether you can fit all the code needed for everything onto a standard Arduino, will be the better question; depending on your needs, a Mega or something bigger might be a better solution.

I want to clarify something I wrote. When I wrote that a shield is a crutch, I didn't mean that in a desparagingly way.

What I meant that once you get past a certain level of needs with the Arduino, you need to realize that you may not be able to do everything you need with a huge stack of shields. There will be pin incompatibilities, you might have power issues (if one or more of the shields rely on the Arduino for power), etc.

Certainly, sheilds are good for learning, they are good for experimenting and prototyping with, but they shouldn't be relied upon as the be-all-end-all solution to a goal. Use them for what they are, and you'll be more successful.

I would personally limit the use shields in a final project (if that was preferable to a standalone or other system) to two or fewer. If you absolutely need that much functionality in a pair of shields, you might be better off designing and implementing your own shield(s) to handle the custom need.


Gps logger and motor control both use the same pins of arudino. Or not?

Gps logger and motor control both use the same pins of arudino.


You can use many pins for many functions. The only exception is pins that have hardware behind them. Most of that hardware can either share the pins like the I2C or SPI bus or the functions can be bit banged like the serial port (with software serial).