Arduino and Motor Driver Roboclaw 2x5A

Good Day guys,

I am new to all of this Arduino things and now I have to do project with it, so maybe it’s a bit basic for you all and I hope I can find help here. I am using Arduino Mega 2560 for this project, for the motor I am using 12V DC motor ( with separate magnetic encoder ( For the driver is use Roboclaw 2x5A (Pololu - RoboClaw 2x5A Motor Controller (V5)), this driver has been discontinued for some time, and I can’t find the correct source for its wiring to Arduino. I studied the datasheet and its manual (Dropbox - File Deleted) but all of it is for Arduino Uno.

Things I want to discuss is:

  1. How to do the wiring just to make a motor run clockwise and counter-clockwise? I tried some of it wiring and following its example code but it didn’t work. Can someone help me with a sketch?
  2. How to do the code? Usually I use pinMode and analogWrite code for my project, so I understand a little bit about it. That’s why if someone can help me, I prefer the code with pinMode or analogWrite, but I open for any suggestion.

Thanks in advance.

I couldn't find a H-bridge mentioned with this driver board, so it may be impossible to reverse the motor direction.

The board has built in intelligence, so that you are almost bound to use the supplied library, or find out how to initialize the I/O pins properly.

Thank you for your reply,

Have you read the user manual that I shared on my topic? (Dropbox - File Deleted). It might help you to understand more about this driver board. And yes it said that it have its own library, RoboClaw.h I think. But I don't know how to use or operate with that library. And the supplier already discontinued this product couple years ago, that's why I can't get enough reference how to do this.

This model is discontinued

This newer model is still in production

It appears to have the same pinouts. Maybe it behaves the same?

V5 (old)

V5B (new)

Have you read the user manual that I shared on my topic?

Yes, also those of the newer models. But I could not find essential information about either :frowning:

For your next shopping tour: buy only modules coming with data sheets, and with Arduino libraries and examples.