Arduino and multiple shield

Hi all, im just looking for some solution and very interested in arduino. Simple question: is it possible to use and get to work multiple shields (xbee and ethernet) at the same time? How does it work? I mean how can i address each "modul"? I would like to make ethernet gateway for my sensors. :) I really appreciate some hints, examples, ... whatever.


Check out the "stackable" headers on and

The adafruit description includes some info on what can be stacked and what can't, but you have to do some of your own research, because you'll find cases where both Shield xxx and Shield yyy make use of, say, Analog Pin 0 or Digital pin 4.


I mean how can i address each "modul"?

Shields are not addressed as a module on a Arduino, but rather the shields just hook to the standard digital and analog pins and power pins avalible via the stacking connectors.

Conflicts between modules will result if they both are using any of the same I/O pins from the Arduino board. It's up to the purchaser of shields to determine if there will be a conflict if using multiple shields.


You should be fine using an xbee together with an ethernet shield, since xbee is only using the tx/rx pins, which are not involved in any of the ethernet shields out there (as far as I imagine).

It seems you are right. Ethernet shield uses only digital pins 10, 11, 12, and 13 whereas xbee as you wrote tx/rx. :)