Arduino and music interaction

Hello Everybody!

I Wonder if this is the good place to start such topic or not, but i didn't know where else to go :-P.... By The way here is the 1.000.000 question...

How can i manage to make arduino respond to vibrations (like those coming out of speakers, for instance ) and tell him to do dimming a led for example...

I mean, is there a way to make arduino capable of reacting to music? i was thinking of a luminous gadget capable to dim itself when approaching to speakers...

I hope i was not too confusing in my poor explanation

Thank you all

You can use a small microphone connected to an appropriate pre-amp circuit on one of the arduino's analog inputs then have a simple program to read the input and set a PWM output correspondingly.

But if that's all the application does, you shouldn't bother with the Arduino, you can build the pre-amp in such a way that you can drive the led with it directly anyway and it will do what you're asking (dim as the sound gets louder).

Thanks for the hint! ;)