Arduino and Music Shields

Hey everyone! :D

Wanted to ask you guys which mp3 music shield you would recommend, for use with the Arduino Uno. Theres a few out on the market and i was wondering if anyone knew which one was the best in terms of having lots of documentation / simplest to use.

Here are the two i'm looking at, if anyone had experience with either, any advice would be greatly appreciated, also, any other shield recommendations, etc.

Adafruit "Music Maker" MP3 Shield for Arduino (MP3/Ogg/WAV...)

SeeedStudio Music Shield V2.0

Also, if you could point me in the direction of finding some good references online with regards to Arduino and shields, that would be again greatly appreciated as well.

Have a good day!!

In general Adafruit has better documentation, libraries, and tutorials than SeeedStudio.