Arduino and NFC

Hi! I'm new to Arduino, and I want to ask you some questions about nfc :) Is there any shield for arduino that acts as an nfc reader? if not can I use an rfid reader to read nfc tags?

The last: has anyone done something that works with arduino and nfc?

Thanks :)

nfc ? No Freakin' Chicken?

NFC = Near Field Communication ==> - -

with respect to your question => I have no experience

"Uses and applicationsNFC technology is intended mainly for use in mobile phones.[3] There are currently three specific uses for NFC according to the NFC Forum:

Reader/writer mode: the NFC device is active and reads a passive RFID tag. Example: smart posters."

RFID reader sounds like a possibility. => also no experience

Count me among the "no experience" crowd. But I did read over in the Adafruit forums that they will be selling this:

Not a shield per se, but might be relevant.

Haven't used Adafruit's Breakout Board (would love to, but it's been out of stock for a while now) but I have used an NXP PN532 C106 development board via SPI mode talking to an Arduino. Worked just fine and the Adafruit site also has a library for it that works well; though they only read tags; not really complete as Android to be writing to tags, parsing NDEF records, etc. But that kind of thing isn't too hard to add on your own if you need it.

Just make sure you use a level converter to do 5v/3.3v; or I prefer a Seeeduino board because I can switch the logic level to 3.3v or 5v without needing an extra converter chip.

Try going through there was a tutorial about the NFC inside the new Nexus S that may be of use to you.

I'll try finding it later on.

I experimented with a couple of cheap RFID readers with USB interface - from USB perspective they act like HID keyboards. Here’s an article how to read USB keyboard → and here’s another which shows how to interface with HID devices in general → RFID readers are aplenty at eBay.

If you are happy working with MIFARE cards only (by far the most widespread) you can pick up an unexpensive modules from

With these modules you don't need a shield, just a few wires as described here: