Arduino and PCF8563p

Someone knows where i can find something about interaction between arduino and microcontroller philips PCF8563p

It's used for clock alarm; i wanna use it for create a personal one!

There are some threads about this topics in the forum. Use the forum search or google with the keywords "arduino pcf8563p"

I’ve done before ask, but i didn’t find any specific tutorial or other about this particular microcontroller. On google few infos, and nothing interesting , in the forum i find something but my focus was on pcf8563p… before asked i searched!!

before asked i searched

Well I googled ' arrduino and pcf8593' and came up with this at the top:- It seems to contain everything you would want to know.

my focus was on pcf8563p

Probably i had to search the wrong micro to find what i need... you searched pcf8593 and so you found something! Anyway... it's quite similar to what i was searching for and i have to tell you only a great THANKS!!! Now i try to improve my knowledge about alarm clock! Thanks all!!

I have a library for that part if you still need it.

Yes, i need!!! thank you very much… more i have, more i learn!!

Try this out:

No more Spielberg, no more Maradona e Jimi Hendrix... but you, orbitalair, are my new idol!! Probably i will ask you something else, i hope you have a little bit of time to waste for me!! Really thanks !!

Well its nice to be idolized. But I hope you see where the number come from by looking at the datasheets and other RTC code sets. It is a lot of work. Feel free to add to the lib.

I looked at the Ds1307 and others, and read the datasheet and just worked on it. You can too.

Good luck.

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