arduino and programming port

hello ,

i wonder if i can upload a sketch in a arduino mega from any of the uart port ???

my goal is to make an arduino-like board with an ATXMEGA32A4U-AU and i wonder which port ( 1 to 5) i have to use to upload a sketch???

thank to all arduino user

To upload sketch via Serial port I assume you need a bootloader. Not sure about the serial ports of 32A4U, you can identify the serial ports from the data sheet.

hi Sony,
thank you for your reply, but i don't understand very well your answer,

yes i can identify the serial ports and their is also a direct USB port.

there is also a github to modifiy arduino iDE in this goal but for the hardware i don't know which port i have to use ,

this is the same for spi to upload the arduino bootloader: their is many spi on the ATXMEGA32A4U , which one i have to use?

Can you please elaborate your requirement?

What device you got to program the Atmega? FTDI cable? USB to TTL converter or Arduino as ISP?

Here is a post I explains an Arduino in Bread board. I used Atmega32 here, they are already bootloaded.

my goal is to make a logger.
i have to log 2 source rs-232 at 115200 kb to an SD card.

i have made a first project with an atmega328 ,

i used SPI pin from SDcard to burn the bootloader ( arduino as ISP) and the hardware serial to upload my sketch via an FTDI chip . everything work well for this part

i used software serial library to have the 2 more uart that i need, but it's not working because of the too much baud rate speed.

so now i want a IC that have more than one UART ,
but i never done that ,
so i don't which spi or uart i can use for burn the bootloader and after upload my sketch
i looked atv you web link for the atmega32 but it have only one SPi and only one UART