Arduino and RF remotes for Traffic Light Project ..

Hi all this is my first post.

I have recently built a Traffic Light control system for a factory using an Arduino Nano, which controls a set of Industrial LED Red/Green Traffic Lights via a relay unit, which is all working well, there are manual control's and I would also like to have a Wireless controller for the lights, this is the part where I may require some advice ...

I already have a working Wireless controller however its not Ideal It consists of a APC220 RF module, and another Arduino Nano, I wish to use a "Garage Door Opener" style remote, does anyone know of any projects that have used these, I do realise that most new Garage Remote's are encoded, basically any small cheap 2-4 button remote would be ideal.



E-bay has lots of offering for that kind of thing, just one example:


Thanks for that... but I had already ruled them out .. as the lights have to be somewhat clever and only give access to certain arias under certain conditions, there's also a Queuing system built in, the light Controller is already in place its just the RF transmitters I want to change.

Just a quick update ....

I have found what I am looking for a AM Receiver with Keeloq decoder .. this will let me use standard 1, 2,3 or 4 button Garage door style remote's .. which are low cost and low powered, which is exactly what I require.

The ebay link was a good suggestion, but I do not need the Relay's and I need to be able to replace or add in extra remotes (up to 40 remotes with the decoder I chose).