arduino and rfid

I want to create a project using arduino barrier gate and RFID , as well as make use of the dc motor for driving the gate . please help me to complete this project , I have not been able to create a code arduino with RFID Thank you

Hi Zaid.

Such a project is quite an undertaking, and will require you to tackle several sensors. I assume that you have played around quite a bit with the Arduino and sensors..

The RFID is only one portion of you project; have you tackled the motor control yet ? Have you determined (and written) some of the functions that will be required ? I have found the following post to be extremely useful :

Lastly, a single search in the forum lead me to the following project which seems to be similar to what you wish to accomplish:

Morover, here is a very useful "how to" on the library / RC522 RFID Reader Module based on MFRC522 Is this the module that you are plannng to use ? In order to seek help from the forum, all of the details should be provided and a draft / first effort should be provided so that the experts of this forum can provide advice and guidance.

I hope is helps and makes sense!