arduino and SamD20 bootloading

Hello i have a question about bootloading. I know that there is a arduino zero that uese a SamD21 chip but i also seen a atmel board that is a SamD20 and i was wondering if the bootloading will work for the 20 as well as the 21 board? i don't know how to do the bootloading at all but i do have a samD20 board and was wondering? I do not have the Zero board.

Hello i been trying to ask If the Samd20 can use the bootloader off the SamD21 sense the arduino zero is a SamD21 chip and the Samd20 chip both are M0 chips would it work?

Hello instill wondering if the same D20 will use the same boot loader as the same D21 that is on the Arduino zero?