Arduino and servo

Hello All. Im really new to this and was wondering if you could help. I have a diecimila board and a continuous rotation servo. Any hints on how i could get the servo to rotate a set amount of degrees every 10 seconds or other constant variable of time?

thank you

If your servo is a modded R/C servo, no, there's no way. Truth to tell, it isn't really a servo anymore - it's a geared motor.

Its a parallax continuous motor. The last project Id was coded by someone else and I believe he coded for it as though it were a servo.

You send commands to it like a servo but it responds like a geared reversible motor. You can only command it to rotate in one direction or the other with limited control over the speed, or to stop.

Can the stop and go commands be timed actions? If so, how would I accomplish it.

Stop is achieved by writing a value of 90 to the servo (if the slows but doesn't stop you may need to try a some values above and below 90) Writing 0 commands the servo full speed in one direction and 180 should make it go full speed in the other.

So if you write code to control the interval between commands you can make the servo rotate or stop as desired.

If you are new to programming you may want to experiment with the delay function (perhaps just turning on and off the LED connected to pin 13) until you get the hang of it.

Have fun

I've found "detach" to be the best method to stop a servo, but it loses holding power then.

To achieve specific degrees of rotation, you need to add a rotational encoder. The encoder typically generates a pulse for each n degrees of rotation.