Arduino and SIM card and GE865

So, I have an Arduino Duemilanove, which I've used before and done plenty of projects with. But, I got a SIM card breakout board and GE865 breakout from Sparkfun to try and make a cool little phone with my Arduino, but I don't really have any idea what to do and can't find any guides. I've hooked up the power through a voltage regulator, and plugged in the sim to where I think it goes on the GE865, and read the GE865 hardware guides and voltage guides and whatever, but don't really know what to tell the arduino to do. Does anyone have some experience to help me out?

you found any details? i too am doing something related to this and whenever i search for gsm arduino interface someother module pops out and no info about this.

Sorry youre not getting much help here, there might be a reason why. Exactly what

SIM card breakout board and GE865 breakout

did you buy from sparkfun?

This one ? If so you have a completely assembled blank slate on which to make your software dreams come true.

(1) go to the GE865 manufacturers page at Telit

(2) download and read these




Telit_Easy_GPRS_User_ Guide_r9


(4) download the applications notes and read them as needed

(5) develop the code to do WHAT YOU WANT


(a) decide EXACTLY what you want to do. if you dont know where you wanna go, nobody can direct you.

(b) learn about the different types of wireless phones, how they work, how their networks operate and the differences between them.

(c) learn what kind of wireless network, service and capabilities it takes to get you where you want to be.

Begin small and be prepared for a long and difficult voyage of discovery, mostly self-guided. Think of Columbus or Magellan. A simple goal might be “send an SMS formatted text message on GSM network”.

From the questions youre asking you might be waaay over your heads. If youre not getting very far very fast, watch other hackers and take advantage of what they release back to the community.