Arduino and SMS

There are so many things I want to do using an Arduino to prototype; micro controllers and related devices are just so enabling. What keeps gnawing at me is what I should be doing. What I ought to be working on is home security, particularly in case of fire. I'm seeking advice on what path to follow. I would rather bear the initial expense of components rather than a long term expense of say, adding another phone to my current account. What are the options? - Scotty

What are the options?

Perhaps you should start by explaining what you want to achieve. Your first message is almost entirely unrelated to the subject line and gives us no idea what you're asking about.

Yeah, sorry, that was a bit stupid. What I have in mind to do, primarily, is to have a fire sensing device(s) trigger an Arduino to send me a text message via an other device. The 'other device' is what I'm seeking guidance on. What are the options as to what I can use to handle the text message sending. With the fire alert system up and running I'd like to add other input devices to detect other events happening at or within my home. - Scotty