Arduino and Sparkfuns USB Host shield--Olegs Host shield

This post is looking for people who have used one of these shields or preferably both.

Are they essentially the same ?
I have studied the circuitry of both and the only differences I can see revolve around the hex converter

I want to use some of Olegs code through the Sparkfun USB Host shield and am a bit hesitant as he refuses to answer some of the posts saying he knows nothing about the Sparkfun board .
Of course he is in competition with them so that’s quite natural but I wonder then about possible malicious code included which one might inadvertently damage the Sparkfun board with. I would not have much chance of picking it right now.

Any input appreciated . Im trying to get a USB modem on 3G to connect to Arduino

I got an answer to this -the same question had been posed only days before . The link is here,73735.0.html

Essentially it all runs with a wire link from D7 to reset on the Sparkfun Board