Arduino and ssc-32 serial communication

Hi, I need to set up a serial communication between Arduino board and ssc-32, as my first time. The application is to send the PWM for servo motors to ssc-32.

the TX and RX on ssc-32 are shown here: (look at the 14th on the board shown there)

and we have the TX and RX on Arduino too, but I am not sure if it is safe to connect them directly. Beside, I don't know, if I have to connect TX to TX and RX to RX or connect them in opposite?

Could you please guide me? 8-)

it looks like the ssc32 is ttl voltage (0-5v) as default. which is the same as the arduino. you will need a jumper or two on the baud section to set the baud rate (or leave open to keep 2400)

TX = Transmit RX = Receive

You must connect the Arduino Tx with the SCC-32 Rx. The Arduino Rx with the SCC-32 Tx.