Arduino and SUSE 10.1


i was at ARS Electronica Center in Linz, Austria and i bought one Arduino board.

I don´t now how i can install the IDE on my new Suse 10.1.

Please advise me !!!

Is there nobody who uses Suse Linux ???


I have the Arduino IDE running on my SuSE 9.2.

You can mainly use these instructions: for Debian/Ubuntu.

The differences are: - install subversion, java runtime and jikes with yast. - find rpms for avr-gcc (requires avr-binutils), avr-libc and uisp. I found the ones I used, here: If you use these, the avr tools will NOT be located in /usr/bin, but /opt/avr/bin.

Hope this works for you, I'll try to write a tutorial on installing Arduino on Suse...



thanks for the reply.... i want to get it run on my suse now.

did you write a small manuall yet ..... can i help you ???

Hello, who can guide me installing the IDE on Suse 10.1 ?

I know Linux not good enough to do it alone.


the first step is not working:

apt-get install subversion

  1. getting arduino package sources: download the latest version of arduino cvs with subversion: ~/ svn checkout svn:// we will come back to this directory later

also this is not working on my system ....... what the hell ....... on windows everything goes imediately .......

The first step isn't working, because you're trying to install with the Debian package manager on SuSE.

You have to translate the Debian/Ubuntu directions to SuSEs RPM package manager.

If you don't know how to install a package under SuSE, learn this first.

Every step is the same under every Linux flavor, but you have to know how to install new stuff.

Thank you for your help.... i am happy for every answer ....

i use suse linux as a desktop system and until now i have only small experience with yast.

i am a bloody beginner with linux, but i try not to give up.....

i don`t know how to install a package under Suse .... i only once installed a rpm with yast .... my software is limited to the packages on the distribution DVD.....

I would like to get started with programming the arduino board .... but i shoud learn linux first....

Do i have to compile all the resources from the IDE or is there some work done yet ?

How do i translate to Suse RPM packages ?

;D ;D I got it running......Thanks to Othmar G. ..... you was doing a great job !

he was doing it as follows:

jikes herunterladen --- download jikes --- you find it in google

installieren mit --- install it like this: rpm -i jikes-1.22-1.i586.rpm

type on x-term (bash):

export CLASSPATH=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1_4_2-sun- export export DIRAVR=/opt/cross

cd arduino-0006/build/linux ./ ./


starten ---- you start it like this:

christoph@suse:~> cd arduino-0006-linux/arduino-0006/build/linux christoph@suse:~/arduino-0006-linux/arduino-0006/build/linux> ./

IDE is running now..... i will start to test it now that everything works fine.

Once again, Thank you Othmar !


to make it more simple... i will try to write a documentation..

in the beginning, you have to unzip ofcourse (for all windows users ....) ;D