Arduino and swipe reader

Hi everyone, new user, first post. We are entering a contest (high school) and are looking for someone in the Arduino world that would be interested in providing assistance. Basic code generation. I am the teacher (Tech Ed - drafting, cnc, robotics, wood) but don't have experience with Arduino - we do own the Uno device currently. I will list our ideas for the prototype, please tell me if you think this is doable and if anyone might be a "mentor" for the kids when we stumple.

Concept is a parking meter that will read a credit card swipe. We will need an LCD screen, LED lights on top of the unit (red/green) showing if the unit is activated or not. The program could then be written to record Time In, and charge by the minute, so when they Time Out, the charge is rated per minute. In addition, the swipe in and swipe out equal $.20.

Also, an RFID reader with a keyfob that could be programmed similarly. Also a slot for coins, but thinking these may not have to function, just show on the prototype. Looking to power the unit via a Solar Panel and batteries.

Let us know your thoughts, and if you think we are crazy...

Using an Arduino Uno and a Red/Green led is one task. I count up to 8 tasks.
I have not heard yet of an Arduino with a credit card.

Have a look at the Adafruit website for RFID, LCD, RTC (real time clock) and so on.