Arduino and the Propeller servo Controller, Help plz

Hey all,

I have been running into some issure getting my Propeller Servo Controler to work with my ARduino Mega.

On page page four it talks about what is required to be sent to the servo control to have it work. I have tried every possible combination i can think of, perhaps someone here my have an idea that may help me out.

Below is my code

int pot = A0;
int potRead = 0;
byte potReadHi;
byte potReadLo;
byte ch = 1;
byte ramp = 7;
void setup() 

void loop() 
potRead = analogRead(pot); // Reads the value from the pot to forePortVal 
potRead = map(potRead, 0, 1023, 1000, 2000); // Calibrates the min max from the pot to corisond with servo pulses 1000 to 2000

potReadHi = highByte(potRead);
potReadLo = lowByte(potRead);

Serial1.write(ch);  //channel 1
Serial1.write(ramp);  //rampspeed 7
Serial1.write(potReadHi);  // highByte of potRead
Serial1.write(potReadLo);  // loByte of potRead
Serial1.write(0x0D); // carraige return.

Serial.print("data sent = ");


I'd send that controller back and get one that has an easier to understand and implement command set.

You are meant to send low byte first.

Also have you tried to send "!SCVER?\r" and get the version string?