Arduino and the Wii Nunchuk

We're working on a school project to build a pan and tilt camera robot controlled by a Wii Nunchuk. Does anyone know where I can download a reliable library from. So far I acquired the nunchuk_funcs.h which doesn't seem to work too well. I'm looking for the WiiChuck.h from here Arduino Playground - WiiChuckClass I dont see a link to download it.

Thanks in advance

I have used the code and documentation from this link and it works perfectly :slight_smile:

On Arduino Playground - WiiChuckClass

(in the bottom right corner of each of these code blocks is a getcode button to pull the code up as raw text)

Then, you just to select the text, copy it, paste it into an editor on the PC, and save it with the appropriate name in the appropriate folder. What could be easier? Oh, well, yeah a properly formatted zip file and a download button with install instructions might.