Arduino and Ubuntu 11.10

Hello everybody,

I have just installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my PC and when I saw that the Software Center has Arduino 0022 now, I was hoping that it would be as easy to install as on Windows.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. I installed from the Software Center and when I connected the Arduino,it was flashing the Pin 13 LED and the TX LED was on constantly. The IDE was very slow and when I clicked on “Tools” to set the serial port, it took several seconds until something happened! Then I found only the port “tty0”, while when I followed the “Complete Numpties Guide to Arduino on Ubuntu” I could see with dmesg that the Uno was recognized as ttyACM0.

I uninstalled the IDE and went according to this blog post: . Still no success. I then tried what is given in the Arduino Playground:

if you use the USB port to dialog, you should add yourself to the group ‘dialout’ in order to have write permissions on that port: sudo usermod -aG dialout

That also didn’t work. What can I do now?

I am using Ubuntu 11.10, and downloaded my version directly from the repository. The "add user to uucp group" did not function during the install, and I had to do that manually.

FYI: If you upgrade to Arduino IDE v0023, you need to do an edit to wiring.h to remove a bug.


thank you! So I just installed the Arduino from the repository. What does

The "add user to uucp group" did not function during the install, and I had to do that manually.

mean exactly?

As I recall I used this from a command prompt: sudo usermod -aG uucp username

Edit: I changed this to the correct entry (-aG). DO NOT try this with just '-G'. It will remove all other secondary groups.

Thanks, I will try that!


It was not what I used. This is: sudo usermod -aG uucp username

There is an 'a' before the G. Big difference! This adds to the groups already there. If I messed you up, I am sorry. :blush:

Group I had to set on my Ubuntu 11.10 was called 'dialog'.