Arduino and VB6

Hi there. Completely new to Arduinos however have done a lot of work with electronics, computers and a little with PICs.

My question is this; is it possible to controll 3 stepper motors through 3 visual basic text box inputs. Eg I want for example to be able to put '2' into text box 'a' and move stepper motor 'a' to position '2', then put '4' into textbox 'b' and have stepper motor 'b' move to position '4' etc.

It will be connected by USB.

Thanks in advance, Phil.

Should be possible; check out the following article (also, research "vb6 serial port"):

This article details how to connect to a serial port; I would imagine you would just need to change the parameters somewhat (port, speed, etc) for the MSComm control.

Something to keep in mind regarding positioning with stepper motors: In order to do absolute positioning, you must be able to keep track of where the motors shafts are (ie, what angle they are at) - for this you need a Gray Code encoder:

It is possible to homebrew one of these (they can be kinda expensive, sometimes even on the surplus market when you can find them):