Arduino and Viruses

Yo guys! Whats up?

I have made an CNC Plotter at home.

I have to take it to the place where the Science Expo is held and I dont have a laptop.

I asked my friends and they have a laptop.

But, they are infected with viruses and crap.

Now, if I go for it and connect my Arduino to that laptop, would my Arduino be affected? And afterwards if I connect my Arduino to my Home PC, would my PC be affected?


The Arduino will not be infected with PC viruses. But if your CNC plotter has an SD Card it may be possible for the SD Card to carry a virus.

If you know a PC has a virus don't use it until it has been fixed. Simples.

Another option may be to use Puppy Linux. It is easy to create a version that runs from a USB stick without using the laptop hard drive at all.



I dont have an SD slot on my CNC Plotter!

Thanks for your help mate! :)