Arduino and Visual Studio 2008 Express


I've tried to follow the guidance in

in order to load and compile an arduino.pde in VS2008 Express, and keep getting the dreaded "fatal error C1083".

Anyone have some experience to share?

Thanks, Rich.

Hello All,

Sorry, I should have included the basics. I’m running Win XP SP3, VS C++ 2008 Express, and Arduino 18. My code runs nicely on the Arduino Mega, whether I use only the serial monitor for output or when I use an LCD display for output.

My objective is to to run the ‘same’ code on the Arduino Mega and in a command prompt window under XP, for debugging and demonstration purposes.

I tested and was able to get VS 2008 C++ Express to compile and run a C++ program in a command prompt window. I’d like to be able to only change a line or two of code, such as commenting out or in #include <VSPDI.h> and then compile under either IDE.

My challenge is to figure out a way to ‘easily’ load an Arduino *.pde sketch into VS8C++X. The VSPDE.h/cpp method seems pretty good, but I’m having issues getting things to run.

I’m probably missing something simple, but I’ve tried over the last several days to get things to run. Any suggestions or pointers or guidance will be very helpful.

Thanks in advance, RichB.