Arduino and VRBot

Hello guys, today i bought my very first Arduino Uno SMD edition and a VRBot ( Did anyone else ever tried to hook up these two together? Everything I get when trying to connect the VRBot GUI with the Arduino it tells me the following "could not detect device connected to COM9". Can anyone help me? I searched all over the internet and didn't find a working solution. Thanks ;)

I just purchased one myself and was having trouble figuring it out. There is a getting started guide, but I'll sum it up.

1: Load the vrbot code into your Arduino 2: Bridge pins 2 and 4 on the arduino with a jumper(put it in bridge mode) 3. Plug the blue and white wires into pins 12 and 13 on the arduino (forget which order) 4. Plug the black and red wires onto 5v and ground (red to 5v, black to ground) 5. Start the vrbot software and select the right comm port 6. Connect

did that already, I followed that step-by-step guide and double-checked everything and still I have this error… can’t figure out what’s the matter :frowning:

Ok, it's getting really confusing, I downloaded the Demo code for Arduino 2009 from the VRBot website, I uploaded it to the Arduino, then I hooked up the VRBot (in normal mode). Then I opened the Serial Monitor in the Arduino IDE to see if the VRBot works, and the only message I see there is "Normal mode", it doesn't tell if the VRBot is NA or detected, any thoughts on how to solve this?

Did anyone encounter this kind of problem? :/