arduino and waveshield max. sample trigger

hi, how many sample trigger buttons can i use with arduino and waveshield combination? playing two samples at the time is not necessary. i need 10-15 sample triggers totally.

thx for the help okan


When you construct the wave shield directly as per the instructions, it uses up digital pins 2, 3, 4, 5 & 10, 11, 12, & 13 and if you take the optional step of using an analog pin to read the amplifier output that will use one of the analog pins (say A0).

This leaves you 5 (or probably 6) analog pins open and 4 digital pins (being D6, D7, D8, & D9). If you want to use digital pins, for simple trigger buttons that would give you up to 10 since the analog pins can be addressed as digital pins too (as D14 onwards).

For more trigger buttons you might consider using multiple buttons on a single analog pin via an R-2R resistor ladder. There are lots of references to this if you google R2R ladder arduino. A couple of good ones are this instructable and this article on reading more than one button at a time. There are other ways to address multiple buttons but that's one simple way.

Cheers ! Geoff