Arduino and WiFi

Hello folks,

I am new to Arduino, and would appreciate some pointers on the following:

What might be a good way to connect the Arduino board to my computer wirelessly? I have done some research on this and here are a few possible solutions I found:

  1. Use Xbee and 2 Arduino boards, one connected to the computer. But this option seems expensive for me.
  2. Lantronix Matchport? But I have no idea how much it costs or how to connect it to Arduino.
  3. This may be foolish - is it possible to hack a WiFi USB adapter and have Arduino communicate over it?

If #3 is feasible, that might be the cheapest option for me, since I have one adapter lying around.

My background is that of a C++ programmer with some experience in building electronic circuits, but I am a newbie to microcontrollers.

Thanks for any help,