Arduino and Wiimote - what's the state of the art?

Anyone know what work has been done in interfacing the Wiimote to the Arduino? I have a little project that would benefit from the IR/camera part of the Wiimote. I've got it working on the PC, and I would like to port it to an Arduino.

Hi, The state of the art is fairly advanced. However, I don't know of anyone who has hacked into the IR camera directly.

Try this: to start with.

I just ran across some awesome information on the wiki pages today. This wiki is primarily about using Wiimotes and Nunchuks with Linux, with a little info about PC and Mac OSes as well, but I followed a link there from one of the electronics blogs to this article about motion analysis of the Wiimote accelerometer and sensor bar data which had a lot of insight into how to integrate all of the data to get a full state of the controller and its position. If you combine this with the info on reading the raw data via the Arduino (linked above), you should be able to interpret almost anything you would want.

Motion Analysis: