Arduino and Win10

Hi every one.

Got a new pc with Win10.

arduino 1.8.2 works on my old pc (win7) does not install on Win10 --error reading ''id'' file.

arduino 1.8.5 does install on Win10 even compile and download BLINK example but gives a long list of warnings about some JAVA SCRIPT problem.

I even tried both the install version and non admin version.

No I am stuck with one ARDUINO folder on my desktop that does not want to delete and one in program files that also does not want to be deleted or uninstall.

I tried various options on the net to delete and even grant special permission but accsess is denied,the CMD prom option is also denied.

Now i cannot install any older version ,access to the HARDWARE folder is denied.

Some deeper insight into this will help a lot.

Thanks. :confused:

A folder that will not delete is usually a PERMISSIONS issue.

There is a quite simple trick even with win 10 that is called “TAKE OWNERSHIP”
It works for most simple cases.

Once you have deleted it I have attached a clean up PDF that should help with any stray items in a simple way.

Follow that before going any further.



I tried this with the ''take owner ship'' got every screen as in the sample but the files just stick to ACCESS DENIED.

Is this your very own computer ?

There might be another simple method called "hidden administrator"

That gives almost total control of a computer but you have to be careful and only use it for specific purposes and should turn it OFF again when you are done as the control it gives can be devastating in the wrong hands. Use utmost care with this method.