Arduino and Windows 8

Here's my issue: i recently got my hand on an aduino uno that i plain to use to light up some LEDs. However, as everybody knows, arduino doesn't like windows 8.

The situation is that I need to change the port (my card is on COM8) but to do that the computer must recognize the board. The thing is that the board is nowere to be found in the device manager (no sound when i plug it).

To solve this, i basically tried everything I could find in the internet: changing wires, changing USB ports, installing anything with .inf at the end into the drivers folder,...

I even tried to install a virtual machine (ubuntu) with arduino on it to bypass the issue of w8 but it didn't work (still no recognition).

I'm out of options and i would be grateful if you could think of a way to solve this problem.

Arduinos DO work under windows 8.0 / 8.1.
That's probably not your issue.

A picture of the chip near the USB port might be of use at this point to endure we will be on the right track.

Also ensure you turn OFF the Driver enforcement in windows 8.x as it was really bad in that version and stopped a lot of hardware from correctly installing and not just Arduinos.