Arduino and Windows CE

I am thinking of connecting Arduino with a PNA Device running Windows CE through USB. I found a usb cable from an old camera with male USB type B from Arduino to male mini USB to PNA Device. All I want is to send messages through the serial port of Arduino in order to catch them from a program inside the PNA. Is this possible ? Do I have to make a special cable for the connection ? I read about installing FTDI Drivers to the device. Is this correct ?

Please help...

What's a PNA? When I had a windows CE device I was told I could only use the USB cable for tethering to a PC rather than actually making use of it.

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A PNA device is like a PDA but running Windows CE 5.0 or 6.0

And what if you use IRDA for easy!

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My device has only bluetooth. Do you think I can control arduino using bluetooth ? What shield do you recommend ? Any examples ?