Arduino and Xbee Communication Problem

I have two Xbee Pro S2B, one Arduino Uno, one Arduino Due, two Wireless Shields, and one USB adaptor for Xbee.

I am trying to communicate to my Arduino from my PC using Xbee. I have configured the Xbee's as such:

1st Xbee: As Coordinator.
2nd Xbee: As Router or End Device

They both have the same PAN ID. DH and DL are set to each others SH and SL. Everything should work fine but notting happends. I mean not even the leds of TX and RX blink on Arduino Wireless Shield.

Am I doing something wrong?

Am I doing something wrong?

It's hard to tell what you are doing. Is the coordinator on the Uno or on the Due?

How are you communicating with the XBee?

Which wireless shield?

I always try the configuration of the XBees using the computer.

Then, if everything works in the computer, I connect the XBees to the arduino circuit.

The Xbee Pro S2B has a built in Freescale processor. That is what you are talking to when you connect to the serial lines. You have to put the processor into Bypass mode to be able to talk directly to the Xbee radio.

You will notice that you're not even able to communicate via XCTU and the Xbee unless you first go to the terminal and put the Freescale processor in bypass mode.

You can upload code to the freescale processor to force it into bypass on boot.