Arduino and xbee's

Recently I've purchased two xbee boards, both XB24's with function set XBEE 802.15.4-Version 10E6, a Duemilanove with an xbee sheild, and an xbee usb explorer. I've configured the xbee's through X-CTU and have typed and uploaded some simple Serial transmit code to the Arduino using the usb cable to check the communication between the (xbee + usb explorer) and the (arduino + xbee shield + xbee + usb cable)and it works. But all I'm able to do is view and watch the X-CTU terminal as a Serial debugger.

My question is: can I write code and upload it wirelessly to the arduino?-all the tutorials stop at this point and I'm lost. Can't I unplug the usb cable from the arduino and upload code from the computer through the (usb explorer + xbee) and then wirelessly to the (arduino + xbee + shield + power source)? I can view the terminal recieving the serial commands but this is it.

I’m not dead certain of this, but I don’t think that you can expect to program an Arduino through the XBee shield. I don’t remember seeing anything that would lead one to expect that to work.

There is some relevant information here:

The only issue is generating the reset for the uC (which will start the bootloader).

One way I have done this is to use a software reset (which requires a bootloader modification). See

Another way is to use a hardware line from the XBee or an external one-shot to reset the uC. The important thing is to hold the reset line low long enough to guarantee a reset.

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You can also check out Lady Ada's tutorial. It doesn't use the USB explorer and XBee shield but I think it could still work.

Does the Arduino board with built-in bluetooth module allow wireless uploading of code or do we hit the reset obstacle with this one too:-?