Arduino/Android/Accelerometer controlled Robot

Hi, I'm new to robotics and arduino. But I have friends who are good with mechanics and electronics. And what I'm trying to build is a simple Android controlled robot to move using it's accelerometer. But I dont know where to begin. I prefer to do it with Amarino. Or are there any other methods. And please give me links or explanations!

What robot platform are you intending to use? Arduino certainly gives you many options for controlling the robot chassis. After that your question regarding the accelerometer probably needs more information before anyone can respond - are you wanting to design a controller that has an accelerometer in it to send commands to the robot? This is certainly possible, also with the Arduino. Often an Android phone or tablet is the choice for this part though, as they have an inbuilt accelerometer and can send commands by bluetooth to a bluetooth receiver for an Arduino in the robot. Coding for Android is also available online from several free sites (including MIT's App Inventor that I've used), making this an attractive option if you already have a phone/tablet.

Cheers ! Geoff

bro for a reply. :slight_smile: I prefer to control the robot using android, and i
dont know which one to use, amarino or mit app inventor? please help me
with that. and i know this project is not a new idea. so if anyone has
done the same, please share with me. and please suggest me a fair bluetooth shield! or can i buy any arduino compatible bluetooth shield?

and i dont know which one to use, amarino or mit app inventor? please help me
with that.

Sorry, I only have experience with MIT app inventor. All I can tell you about that in a positive way is being based on Scratch, my 10 year old uses it more than I do. And he's got his tablet doing some pretty useful things as a consequence.

But I'd not get caught up on the tools - if the other says it can do what you need give it a try. Or try them both. You'll soon see which you prefer.

K thanks! :slight_smile: