Arduino Android Accessory

I was wondering how feasible it is to have an Arduino, which one I am not sure, communicate with an Android tablet and a wireless TV dongle. My goal is to replicate this, but on the Android platform. I don't believe I can connect the dongle directly to the Android tablet, so I need a middle man to help decode the signals from the dongle. Any reply is appreciated.

Does anyone have any idea?

I just need to know it it's possible to interact with a USB dongle.

Yes, it is possible. You will need the arduino to be a USB host. the Due and the Mega ADK have this functionality built in, or you can put a USB host shield on an Uno or Mega.

As long as your device supports USB accessory mode, that's a good way to handle things. If your android device supports USB Host mode though, you can plug the wireless TV dongle right into the android and skip the middle man. You just need a USB OTG cable.

How would I determine if my android device supports USB Host mode. That means that the Anrdoid device will provide the power for the dongle and handle the communication right? The Android device I am using is a Nexus 7.

The Nexus 7 does support host mode, assuming you're using the stock ROM or at least one that didn't remove it. To tell for sure, you can grab a free app from Google Play called "Accessory Support". It checks for the needed libraries and kernel modules.

I just checked and it supports everything except for future.usbAccessory.

How would I communicate with the chip? Would I need to write to registers or anything, or is there some software I can build on top of?

if the device you want to control has open source drivers, you can port those to android. If it doesn’t, it’ll be a long road ahead but still possible. Best to search google for "android "