Arduino Android Alarm System

Hi All,

I am new to Arduino and this forum, so I hope this is the right place for the below.

I have performed some of the basic projects, like ethernet shield, arduino web server, different sensors and managed to get it to work, so now I wonder what my first real project should be and the first thing which came to my mind, was a remote controlled alarm system for my summer house, where I don't have internet connect during the winter, so the plan is to use a cheap android phone and bluetooth between the phone and my arduino UNO.

I have already found a lot of information, but nothing about one of the main function, I would like to include: * send a sms code/command from a remote phone to the Android phone * Arduino pick up the command via bluetooth from the Android phone * Arduino send a command to the Android phone, requesting it to take a picture and send it via MMS to the remote phone so it would be great if someone have information about how to do it or if it is possible at all ?

Thanks in advance for your suport.

if anyone should be interested, then I found this link: and it seems that "IO SMS Bluetooth - SMS REMOTE CONTROL" can solve a part of what I need.