Arduino & Android Phone USB OTG for Remote Deployment and OTA update


I am a learner, learnt many things from these forums, but this is my first post. I am not sure is there any similar threads.

I would like to build a weatherproof box with android phone screen on front and arduino inside the box with few connectors on downside of box to connect sensors, connect arduino to Android Phone USB OTG and connect some weather sensors to arduino. After installation on site, the sensors need to be setup/calibrated using inputs manually, so I shall use the android phone screen to input arduino to store some values in its EEPROM. The android phone shall read the sensor data from arduino via serial and display it on some beautiful gauges and also push the data to a SQL server via 4G network so that I can access it remotely. (Earlier, I have done this using multiple components like 16x02 LCD, 4x4 Matrix Array Key Membrane keyboard and Icomsat GSM Shield, I had to use many wires that was making my job difficult).

This time I want to use a dedicated android smartphone to replace all the components and make it more functional and elegant. I shall also able to update the arduino sketch remotely (may be Google Drive). The phone shall be charged via same OTG cable connected to arduino with a battery (Solar Powered) to power up arduino. So I need a android software launcher to start on android booting that will perform all the tasks. It is possible with combining features from (ArduinoDroid + Virtuino + additional programming on android studio/AppInventor). I think there is no need to use any other shield like '1sheeld'.

Is there any similar projects done with all these features or else how to get that done with my very little programming skills.

Thank you


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