Arduino arcade console?

Hi, I'm trying to make a mini retro games arcade cabinet like the one recently made by I Like To Make Stuff on Youtube. I considered using raspberry pi like him, but its too expensive so I decided to use arduino. I already have an arduino uno r3 and basic knowledge of it, so I know how to hook up monitors, joysticks and buttons and how to use them as inputs, but I don't know how to install games onto it. Anyone have any advice?

I don't think it is possible to use the Arduino as an arcade console in the way you intend it to...
Unless you combine it with a gameduino shield or something.

The problem is that you will have to port all the games yourself, on the rasp you download an emulator and it does the rest for you.

Have you considered a pi zero? It sells for ±5$ plus peripherals?

Use the pi. I have one running RetroPie and uses wireless ps3 controllers, HDMI for a/v. Not doable on Arduino.