Arduino/Ardupilot IMU with Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

I wanted to know if it's possible and not too hard to connect an Arduino to a PTZ camera and borrow it's inherent panning and tilting functions. The camera I currently have is:

Canon VB C50ir

I'm not sure if i'm allowed to take this one apart so my question refers to PTZ cameras in general I guess (also if u have any recommendations)

A second question is, since I don't have any EE knowledge would it be possible for me to pick up the Arduino Ardupilot with the IMU++ and use it to program a panning and tilting CCD platform using the Lynxmotion PT servos? Since the Ardupilot was created to already handle aircraft parameters shouldn't it be a direct correlation if I simple used it to stabilize a camera? Thanks for the help.

Do you have the command set for the PTZ and the hardware connection method for the cam?