Arduino ARM support

I'm working on a multimedia project.
I use ICs that have many libraries and examples in Arduino.
I wanted to know which ARM processors does Arduino support, Other than ATSAM3X8E?
First I want to try a breadboard model

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most Arduino boards use SAMD21

thank you

Unofficially, there's also various STM32-based boards.

I believe that Redbear nRF51822 Bluetooth boards are also ARM chips.

Arduino ARM boards:
Due with SAM3X8E.
Zero, Assorted MKR, and Nano 33 boards with SAMD21.
Nano BLE with Nordic nRF52840.

There are also a bunch of vendors and/or SW folks that have implemented ARM "Cores" that support other ARM processors. Here are some of the ones I know about:

Let's start with the big three:

Adafruit has support for SAMD51 - a 120MHz CM4 with floating point hardware. Several different form-factors (uno-like, Mega-like, "feather", "itsy-bitsy")

Sparkfun has their "Artemis" module with a Ambiq Apollo3 CM4F, also in several board-level form factors. Plus SAMD21 and SAMD51 boards.

PJRC has their well-known "Teensy" line. Teensy 3 and Teensy 4 are NXP ARM chips, up through a 600MHz CM7 NXP iMXRT1062, with 64bit float hardware. Paul seems to have a particular interest in Audio, and there are a bunch of really neat audio-processing libraries and tools for Teensy.

STM32duino · GitHub covers a wide range of STM32 chips.
Arduino and and Earle Philhower have (differing) support for RP2040.
MattairTech has support for SAMD11 and some SAMC and SAML21 chips.
TI has support for several Tiva and MSP432 chips via the Energia project.

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Go to the boards manager and look through the available options perhaps?

Pico support is now officially here, and many of the Teensy's are ARM (although you need the Teensyduino extension for these).


also I found this. Arduino Portenta H7
dual core STM32H747 including a Cortex® M7 running at 480 MHz and a Cortex® M4 running at 240 MHz

thank you

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