Arduino as a Button cycle Servo controller

I am very new to the Arduino and have looked over the servo library tutorials for some insight and the wile loop section to try to understand if the Arduino is able of doing what I need it to do.

I need a controller that can run the following task's......

Push button Move servo's 1 & 2 to 90 deg hold for .1 seconds Move servo 3 to 180 deg Hold for .35 seconds Move servo's 1 &2 to 0 deg Hold for .1 seconds Move servo 3 to 0 deg End cycle

And repeat with every push of the button, so on and so forth.

Is this possible with the Arduino and how would I go about writing this code?


I'm starting form nothing. Yes I can have one, but its a friends and I have yet to go pick it up. no idea what kind it is but I know it use's usb for programing and has lots of ports, both digital and serial. Yes, I have the servos and they are in working order. Um, no, What is a simple Arduino sketch? No, I have not compiled anything. Nope, no servo to the board yet. Have not tried any of the servo driver codes, but have read them and understand the basic's of what they do.

Do you have an Arduino board? Which one? check, Duemilanove Do you have the servo(s)? check Have you successfully tried a simple Arduino "sketch"? check Compile it, download it onto an Arduino? check Have you connected a servo to your Arduino board? check Have you tried any of the servo driver code examples? check

Now that I'm playing with it, I'm wondering if I can control a silicon controlled rectifie with a open gate trip of 1.5v and draw of 150ma? I was going to use a servo PWM controlled relay, but if I can get rid of it and control the SCR with only the board then that would be awesome.

This is the data sheet for it...... 2N2546

Silicon Controlled Rectifier Various V(DRM) Max.(V)Rep.Pk.Off Volt.=400 I(T) Max.(A) On-state Current=205 @Temp. (°C) (Test Condition)=80 I(TSM) Max. (A)=3.5k @ t(w) (s) (Test Condition)=8.3m I(GT) Max. (A)=150m V(GT) Max.(V)=3.0 I(H) Max.(A) Holding Current=50m I(D) Max. (A) Leakage Current=15m @Temp. (°C) (Test Condition)=125 V(T) Max. (V)=1.5 @I(T) (A) (Test Condition)=150 dv/dt Min. (V/us)=4.0 Package=TO-209AB Military=N

Could it be controlled by just the Arduino board alone? How would it be done?

The SCR is controlling a capacitance discharge resistance welder pule width. So basically I trying to be able to control the pulse width or length's of my welds, and if the response time is fast enough then I can use one capacitor and pulse discharged it for a dual pulse cap discharge welder. The pules O/I times would need be in the 1ms to 30ms range.

Was also going to use some servos to control electrode arms coming down on the battery tab welding station for a complete controlled process.

Electronic suicide you say, now doesn’t that sound fun. As you may already suspect, I know almost nothing when it comes to real electrical engineering. Were would one go to get a opto-isolator for my SCR circuit and how would one interface it with the Arduino to O/I the SCR gate?

Well I'll just have to be careful I guess because I'm on my own. I highly doubt SunStone engineering is not going to hand over the schematics to there $8000.00 battery tabs welders.

I understand that you think this is hazardous and challenging project but I need to do it. I promise to be careful. All I need the controller to do is turn a 1.5v 150ma switch on and off at a rate of 1ms. I have a Servo controlled isolated relay that I can use if theirs nothing more refined available, But I would like to know if there is something faster and more controlled then a servo driven relay.

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