Arduino as a ISP and fuse.


I am using an Arduino UNO as "Arduino as a ISP" to programs some ATMEGA328P TQFP on a PCB.

It works fine, except fuses. The drive only 1MHz.
If I programs another Arduino UNO in this way works fine.

See this, it might help.

It works fine, except fuses.

The fuses only get set when you do Burn Bootloader, not when you upload a sketch. That's why you have to "Burn Bootloader" on an ATtiny even though they don't support a bootloader.

Thank you.
It works to burn bootloader.

When I upload a new program, in this way, the eeprom is deleted.
Can I avoid this?


I'm new to all this and have an 'Arduino Nano' from China.
The FTDI driver has bricked because it's a counterfeit.
Can someone please tell me I will be able to program succesfully using a second (genuine) Arduino.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Bit 3 in the High Fuse byte determines whether EEPROM is saved or not.
Check its value in boards.txt, flip it if needed, and reburn the bootloader.

Do a little searching, a fix to the FTDI chip problem has been posted in numerous places here it the forum.

CrossRoads many thanks for your help.
It works.

Merry Christmas