Arduino as a microcontroller for brushless motor control

Hey guys,

Does anybody know of any code out their to use an arduino to drive a brushless motor? I don’t mean hooking up an ESC and driving it with the servo library. I mean using the arduino to drive a 3 phase bridge and using the analog pins for back EMF sensing. Basically I am trying to make my own speed controller to drive a brushless motor with an arduino. Anybody know of any code or any other online information or implementations? Any information is helpful!

-also I realize the arduino may not operate at a fast enough clock rate but I plan on moving off the arduino to another microcontroller. If code or any other instructions for implementation is out there, that would be helpful.


There was an old project called 'arduesc' but was for the atmega8?

The regular Arduino library analogread functions and PWM just aren't fast enough. The hardware is capable but you need to be familiar with direct port and timer manipulation and using the comparator to be able to keep up.

I use open source software on my homemade speed controllers. Take a look at the blheli project. You can make your own hardware and flash with blheli. It's open source so you can base your software off it anyway. You will find source for atmega8 and silabs processors.