Arduino as a replacement of the tester

Hello everyone, I´m very new to Arduino ( and I need to solve one problem. I have tester ( which is sending inputs to the datalink ( and the datalink then putting desired power to the motor (for UAV), in short.

The problem is that I need to replace the tester with arduino - so the arduino will be sending inputs to the datalink. It doesn´t have to be precise as the tester - I will only need to send few inputs (5-10) and change between them if possible, but not necessarily. So far I only find out one code which may be hopefully used - I know that this will go in loop so I can´t control it, but I´m not sure if it will work at all.

Thanks for any ideas or help ;)

const int U = 3 ; //initializing pin D3 as ‘U’ variable void setup() { pinMode(U,OUTPUT) ; //Set pin D3 as output } void loop() { analogWrite(U,25) ; //setting U to 25 delay(5000) ; //delay of 5000 ms analogWrite(U,50) ; delay(5000) ; analogWrite(U,75) ; delay(5000) ; analogWrite(U,100) ; delay(5000) ; analogWrite(U,125) ; delay(5000) ; analogWrite(U,150) ; delay(5000) ; analogWrite(U,175) ; delay(5000) ; analogWrite(U,200) ; delay(5000) ; analogWrite(U,225) ; delay(5000) ; analogWrite(U,250) ; }

The Arduino UNO can drive up to 12 servo outputs. See:

Thank you, this should lead me right direction ;)