Arduino as a ZWave/ZigBee Device, Not Controller

I want to create a project that will accept a ON/OFF signal as set by a WINK hub and combine with other sensor inputs within the Arduinoand have it take action.

The only thing I can come up with is a ZigBee solution whereby 2 Arduino's talk to each other. I just want to receive a standard ZWave/Zigbee signal/command.

I thought of using a commercially available ZWave device to control a relay which sends low-voltage signal to the Arduino. That seems clunkly; would prefer to do it all from within the Arduino.


I think you're out of luck then as a standard Arduino as no RF capability built in. Some additional hardware will be needed.


Yes, I understand an additional shield will be required. But can the XBee be configured to communicate with standard, commercially available controllers like WINK or is it always XBee -> XBee communication.