Actionscript class + tutorial

Hi everybody, here goes my christmas present for the Arduino community ;D

I've developed and Actionscript class that makes it "easier" to connect Arduino and Flash. the arduino code has also some reusable functions and there is a full working example and a micro-tutorial in the form of a step by step instruction list.

you can find it here

you should run the example before reading the arduino or flash'll be funnier ;) the example is a conversation between machines: the Atmega8 and the Flash player.

I encourage all the flash developers in this community to test it, take it apart and enhance the end it's just the first release...just please tell me so I can update it.

merry jingle bells to all and happy new resistance beltran

ps. sorry for posting this in the "news" section, but I couldn't find a proper place for it


you made it right Beltran, there is no better place to post these good news than the "news" category.

Thanks for the effort, let me invite you to aperitivo the next time I visit Milan (pretty soon, btw)


con mucho gusto :)

by the way...I'm not sure if I got right the credit attribution of the original flash it Yaniv Stainer's code or yours?...who is Status Quo?

and also...where can I get the source code of the serialProxy? I'm rather courious of looking at how it works it open source?

see you soon b.

You can browse the source code to the serial proxy at:

Instructions for downloading it are here: but to summarize:

cvs login cvs -z3 co serproxy


the Status Quo guy is not Yaniv's thing. It was some code I took from FlashKits ... the right credit should be:

StatusQu0 [at] hotmail [dot] com


ok, I got it, I'll change the credit line

and maybe develop a client with the Arduino class for the community

and thanks for the cvs repository I'll check it out as well