Arduino as Center Node

I am working on project in which I am using Micaz Boards with sensors to get temperature and light sensor information. Now I want to transfer the information obtained from this board to my server.

Attaching GSM GPS to micaz is difficult and hence I am thinking of using arduino. So the thing is I want to have a arduino board having a zigbee component so that it can get data from Mica node and then have GPS GSM component so that it can send data to server.

Hence wanted if I can get reference what all components do I need to buy. And if there is any other workaround for my scenario I would help to know.

Thank You.

Before you buy the required modules, make sure that they come with Arduino libraries and example code. You'll know best what kind of modules are required. Then use these libraries to fit everything together.

What is a "Micaz Board"?