Arduino as client with Google Apps Script as Server?

Trying to determine whether it's possible to use Google Apps Script -- a hosted, Javascript-based service that can be used to create "web apps" capable of handling GET requests and passing back XML or JSON -- as the server for an Arduino running as the client.

I have tried to modify the Twitter client sketch to include the host and URL parameters for a sample "Hello World" script running at

Note that this is https, not http. My searching thus far has led to the conclusion that https is not possible with Arduino, however these were all posts that came out prior to the 32-bit Due. Has there been any movement around HTTPS for Arduino since the Due came out?

Does anyone see a way to make this work?

If this were possible, it would dramatically lower the bar for folks who need a simple web server with Arduino client, with the bonus of being able to write data directly to a Google Spreadsheet and leverage all the dashboard-building capability it offers. My goal was to publish an example for schools to use for DIY rooftop weather stations.

You could write a small proxy server that would accept and forward your http: request to the https: url and return the results. Such things are easy to write in node.js and can be hosted free at Heroku, or you can easily run them on your laptop for testing. I don’t know if this would run afoul of Google’s terms of service, but it’s worth checking.

And of course this approach would mean the transport between the proxy and the arduino is insecure.

The same node.js technology makes it easy to write small web serving applications that connect to arduino, without requiring a connection to a cloud provider. It might be worth checking out the live charting example here for ideas for your project: