Arduino as Game macro?

Hello, what I need is a macro that detects button and automatically clicks.(Hardware one, to avoid detection)
I found a teensy 3.5(I believe this is compatible with arduino IDE) lying around and thought maybe this can work.
My concern is, the processing power. Does this teensy have enough processing power to do this task? The game's lowest resolution is 1024*768.
Edit: Realised this was a stupid question. no need for answers

So to cheat at an online game?

If you see it that way, yes. I don't want to spend my time in some meaningless clicking.

There are multitudes of tutorials that you can find with some google-fu.
I'm not interested in helping with a cheating project.
Others might.

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What's the reason for even starting that game then? Do You like self playing pianos?

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Well, game was not like that when I started. It's still fun, but it became P2W.

Ok thanks though

I've played agro games and even written a few. All the ones that I know have a timing algorithms to detect cheating by progressing too fast.

Try working for it by using Google and building it yourself.

I was asking whether it has processing power or not, so I can have right tools. thanks for your advice.

The processing power to detect button presses and auto-click, oh yeah. That's not an issue.
Just gotta figure out which board will act like a keyboard and learn some basic stuff and one advanced thing.

I realised I was not specific enough. I meant detecting buttons on my screen so something like image processing. Thank you for being so kind.

So how you propose to capture the image? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Clearly now not an Arduino. :upside_down_face:

yeah I think for that part, I'll just use my PC to do it, leaving arduino to just make inputs.